Wildlife studies



'A White-tailed Eagle being attacked in the air by a Golden Eagle'


Charcoal on paper

150 x 121 cm


3 January 2014 ongoing



I remember seeing this sub-adult White-tailed Eagle land on a snow cornice then trip up on its talons before it took off. Later it was attacked for over an hour by the resident male Golden Eagle that was acting territorially during late spring.

Each vertical dive from the Goldie, with its wings pulled to its sides in an anchor shape and head tucked in, must have been at about 70 mph. The White-tail instantly turning upside down to defend itself from the eagle stoop with its talons.

The size difference between the two is huge with the White-tail being at least one third bigger.







'The Flight of the Mountain Hare'


Charcoal on paper

146 x 120 cm.


24-29 September 2013



A descending Golden Eagle with a Mountain Hare in its talons. Seen in Glen Esk this summer as it returned to feed its fledged eaglet.








































'Golden Eagles Mating'


Charcoal on paper

113 x 94 cm


July 2013


A pair of Golden Eagles are seen mating in Glen Esk on a hill-top rock during a cold February with snow on the ground.



A White-tailed Eagle being attacked by a Golden Eagle



The Flight of the Mountain Hare



Golden Eagles Mating