Postcard from Brechin


About Postcard from Brechin


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Any similarities or resemblances between image portrayals and real people are co-incidental.



Art Brechin 2009 exhibition



Art Brechin 2009 exhibition



David Adam with 'Blind Sower' and 'Scarecrow'


'Postcard from Brechin' is a suite of large scale drawings created by Brechin artist David Adam. The aim of 'Postcard from Brechin' is to act as an observer and messenger for the community; it tells the story of what a place is really like under the surface. The role of the artist, through community and self analysis, is to create the mirroring process to inspire these drawings. The drawings reveal their inspiration in real life events, in comparative scenarios set in local places and in soul searching experiences of sharing a life with the city and its people.

The landscapes and street scenes seen in the compositions are locally recognizable places, a favourite view is from the bare, tilled fields looking towards the spires of Brechin, then on to the hills and glens of Angus. 


Most of the figures portrayed have a link to local people and their lives, this contributes to the element of social-realism in 'Postcard from Brechin'. The Crucifixion drawings are set in real places to create a present day relevance for the subject and to challenge viewers' attitudes. On reflection, many current 'crimes against humanity' still happen and are sometimes casually ignored by the world. The medium used is the most elemental of drawing techniques, black charcoal on white paper and measure approximately 2 square metres in area. As charcoal is fairly delicate in nature, the paper is float mounted with the paper edge showing within the glazed frames. The project started in 2007 and is ongoing.