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Sheltering from rain while sketching Carlochy of Lee - Loch Lee - Shank of Drumfollow   

A Return to Nature.




To journey for miles through the Scottish hills recording the landscape in various conditions is a project that I started in 2009 and it marries with my passion and love for mountains and nature.


Using pastels for outdoor sketching is a direct and quick technique to capture colour, mood and movement especially on the hills where the weather can be wild.

I have grown to dislike painting out to the edges of the canvas and I think that this has been inspired by outdoor sketching in the highlands where inner shape dictates the composition and not the format edge.


Marks and shapes grow within the canvas from a repertoire of mental harmonic notes.


Through colour and line, sketches can reveal so much more about a place, than say a photograph, and allows us to share in a passing moment.

The sketches are done on either white Somerset or Canson tinted pastel paper, the chalk pastels are left un-fixed.


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