Postcard from Brechin


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Home Sweet Home

Brechin Crucifixion

The Community Council

Night Out

All Welcome

Shadow on the Land

Blind Sower

Blessed by the Light

Broken Promises


Car Bomb - High Street

The Dog's Bollocks

Drinking Den


Life Burden

Polish Birthday Party




  Sticks of charcoal photograph




The Judgement

The Nightwatch

The Noise

The Quiet Life

Dance to the Serenade

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Reaching Out -Three Crosses

Glasgow Cross Crucifixion

Montrose Crucifixion

Dark Heaven

Sacone, Pageant Day


Forgotten Dorothy

Edzell Klan - The Scapegoat

The Dog Fight


Halloween Cartie Race

The Brechin Model - Inquisition by the Righteous

Brechin Pageant Day

Aquila's Revenge

The Hand of Man, Invermark

Thunder in the City

The Easter Apocalypse of Fergus

The Chestnut Tree