Public Art Projects


St. Margaret's Church,

Spiritual Exhibition 2011


St. Margaret's and St. Ninian's Church held a celebration to mark three anniversaries.

The Spiritual Art tent gave both church congregations the chance to experience something spiritually new.

The Message Tree was created for all to leave a written or drawn message on a paper cross. The Shroud, a 'Turin' copy, was created to present to people what would have been left after Christ's crucifixion. Peter Sharratt and Pete Drahony also exhibited.


Spiritual Art tent

 Drawings Montrose Crucifixion & Blessed by the Light

 Message Tree & When the Cock Crows


Pier at thge Message Tree

Message Tree at St Ninians Church

Peter Sharratt - Sculptor

Peter Sharratt's work & Peter Drahony's painting