Postcard from Brechin


Relationships & Places




David Adam  2012

Charcoal on paper

180 x 121cm



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 Ah, cruel hypocrisy what a sufferance I preach in drawn black chalk, lo There he stands in false salvation when he has dealt the blows himself. His penance fashioned vest of hair, such anguish glows in needled Halo sanctity, and fears for his future; cold and bad as Black of Kergord

He is, and arrow wounded grace, so pure in white, suffers with contempt. Those Serlio facades, and those within crueler still. Bewitch them all with Street quine scratches, ghost come forth reveal true history on the Cross. This threshold book may close and white vanish to sullied grey and loss. Ah, in this city his bones will melt, its talons gripped and choked forever in

Empty streets and who cares?