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Alan Kane - The Trongate Codex. Talk with Kirsty Ogg, 12noon, 21 April 2012

Glasgow Cathedral, Glasgow, 20/04—07/05/2012


The Trongate Codex by Alan Kane will be presented at Glasgow Cathedral for the duration of Glasgow International Festival. The Trongate Codex, by Alan Kane is a unique and compelling record of a family and location in the form of a "Holy" book, highlighting the value and ubiquity of homespun cultural production.

The Val D'Oro restaurant has been decorated over many years by the proprietor Luigi Corvi, with framed black and white copies and ephemera documenting a history of Glasgow and the generations of the Corvi family who have run the establishment. The book is a vehicle to record and disseminate an original human local story as well as to effect and illustrate the fluid nature of cultural significance and, in an analogue historic form, mirror questions around who has
ownership of culture and history more commonly associated recently with digitally powered networks and communications.

Alan Kane and Kirsty Ogg, Curator at The Whitechapel Gallery, London will discuss The Trongate Codex project, at Glasgow Cathedral on Saturday 21 April 2012 at 12noon.

Alan Kane lives and works in London and has had numerous solo projects and exhibitions including: Home for Orphaned Dishes at the Whitechapel Gallery (2011), The Asbo Mystery Play at Sadie Coles HQ London; Life Class: Today's Nude, a television series produced with Art Angel for Channel 4 (2009), The Stratford Hoard at Stratford Station for Art on the Underground (2008), and Folk Archive: contemporary popular art from the UK in collaboration with Jeremy

Deller. He has also exhibited at Tate Britain; Minsheng Art Museum Shangai; Kunstverien Pforzeim; Institut d’Art Contemporain Villeurbane/Rhone-Alpes; Hayward Project Space; Kunsthalle Basel; Barbican Centre London.

The Trongate Codex is published in 2012 by The Modern Institute /Toby Webster Ltd, Glasgow in association with New Jerseyy, Basel and with support from Ancient & Modern, London and is presented as part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art, 2012.